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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Yesterday was ok. Some part of the day was wasted, cos the duty staff was on MC and I could not find another person to do guard duty. Also because there is a IT security workshop @ MINDEF, so the unit has less than half strength, so couldnt find people to do. So it ended up i had to let the MIDO report that there was no guard duty personnel from INTEC. I also wrote a mail to Institute SSM to apologise for the situation. Was quite fed up because they all said they could not do. I need to make them see that duty supercedes everything. And I am going to implement standby duty personnel. In this way they cannot say I inform them last minute.

After work went to Orchard took CD from Adrian, to listen to his friend, Sandra's vocal piece to which i will accompany the singing on the piano. Then i went to meet up with Siti (anderson sec classmate) and her friend, Yuping @ Toa Payoh. I ate dinner @ Mos Burger. Had a nice time chatting with them. Long time didnt meet up with Siti already.

Bought dinner back to camp for Soh and Jason after that. Worked in camp for a while, Adi called from australia, talked till 1am. After that, I asked zhaoli out for supper, so me and Jason went out to meet him @ NUS prata shop. Talked and ate till 2am. He had an exam the next day.

Went back camp, i worked until 3:30am, slept until 6:30am. Now back to work.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Nothing much in the day, just work. Finished rendering the cheesy rip-off animation sequence "One Ring to Rule Them All". haha.

For dinner, I had the biggest ice kacang of my life. But because I ate noodles also, i had to share it with Mr Soh. Nevermind. Next time i shall attempt to eat it all by myself! HA.

Went home to sleep, then wake up help Helen do website layout. From midnight until now, 1:55am.

Got a call from Adrian regarding his closed-door vocal performance on the 20 May 2004. His song and his friend's song which i will try to help them play, are in the key of C and A minor! Oh my goodness. Looks like i have to try after all, because i have no excuse to say no...? Sigh.

Still doing the web layout. :) Trust in God that tomorow will be better. Yeah!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Adrian Lim asked me to play piano for him at some internal performance. Its quite a "piano" song. To Where You Are, by Josh Groban. I sms him to say i cannot do it. For one, i cant read notes fast, and secondly, I am not good at performing without errors. And I am hearing the song now, it has a modulation, change of key. Oh man. I must be firm to tell him, if it doesnt affect his singing, it will make me look bad. Because i really cant play this well. HA
Monday night again.

Came home from informal meeting in church about hillsongs trip. Headache. So many things to do and so confused. heh heh. Came home, went online, 6 people chat with me for 1hr. (i wanted to sleep at that time). then i finally got my sleep @ 11pm. now 1am, i am awake.

Why am i awake? I wanted to do work, but now i dont have the mood. Nah, just leave it till tomorrow, during working hours. ha ha.

So what do i do now? Um. maybe i'll just sleep? ha. maybe. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sundays are always tiring. Church followed by lunch with church friends, followed by long hours of concussion on my bed at home.

But last night i gotta do some work from camp at home. Animation manz. And somehow it took a turn and became more corny. A simple animated diagram of some leadership chart took to the look of Lord of the Rings, where the Circle encompassing the diagram turned to look like the RING in LOTR. Wahaha :)