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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011-02-16 Valentine's Day Gift

I am still on reservist from 08 March 2011 till 28 March 2011. I've been helping Film Unit do 3D models for their Airforce Workplan.

Back at work at Double Negative, our STRAT 1 batch of people have been moved up to do TD environment work just before the Chinese New Year. They are undergoing training on the job even as I am doing reservist now. The timing honestly isn't very good. I am missing out on the training while doing my reservist. Bummer.

Today Christina and I went down to People's Park Complex to get our airfare for our tour. I bumped into Jason Ang Nicodemus Hoe Kiat (former Double Negative employee, until the Chinese New Year holidays).

After that we went to Bugis Junction for dinner. Ate at Basement 1 at the open airconditioned stall called "Eat.". I find the service staff quite bad. Not really paying attention. I just handed the lady $50, she opened up the cash register, and 15 seconds later while putting together my change, she asked me "How much did you give me again?"

After dinner we went to 2 jewelery shops. Citigems and Lee Hwa. Christina was looking for a cross to hang on a chain. We've already seen the Citigem collection in Novena Square the Sunday before. The shop at Bugis seems smaller than the on at Novena, and had a more limited range. So we moved on to Lee Hwa. Here we spotted a few designs that she liked.

After narrowing down her choices, she decided to get one at 50% discount. It was about $700, but it was a Valentine's day promotion, so it's now selling at $328. I bought this for her as a present.

After this I went to EpiCentre (a shop that sells Apple computers, devices and accessories). I asked around for earphones with a mic. My 3 months old Samsung Galaxy Tab is giving me a hard time making phone calls because of the less-than-ideal in-built mic. During the call, the other party would have difficulty hearing my voice because the mic would pick up background sounds instead of my voice. The sales staff recommended me a Klipsch ear-phone. It was not made for Apple devices (I told him mine was an Android device). Its a Klipsch ProMedia in-ear earphones with microphone. This cost $159.

At the same time there was some RBS credit card people trying to sell the card. There's a tie-up with Epi Centre, where there's a $50 voucher to redeem after you sign up for the card. I already have that card and Christina signed up for it as well!

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