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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011-02-16 Wednesday

An article was published today in Digital Life that included an interview I had with Straits Times Digital Life journalist Hellen Tan.

The article talks about local artists / graduates' expectations of salary in the industry. It interviewed Melvin Tan from Blue Sky Studios, David Kwok from Tiny Island Productions, and myself from Double Negative.

The last line from my interview mentioned Cosmas Lee our Operations Manager at Dneg SG. He says we have to "pay our dues" when starting off in the visual effects industry, before we can climb up and play bigger roles in the pipeline.

Prior to this article, I also had the good fortune to be interviewed for another article about Double Negative, written by Sherwin Loh my Anderson secondary school & Outram institute classmate. This was in 2009 if memory serves me right.

Both articles referred to visual effects as special effects. This is an inaccurate term for the visual effects industry. Special effects refers to physically created effects (outside of the CGI-computer generated imagery- realm). Examples are the use of, special make-up, prosthetics, robotics, animatronics, miniature, pyrotechnics, specially manufactured and rigged props and/or coordinated stunt-work.

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