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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 Feb 26, Saturday

Today is a sad day. My grandfather passed away.

It was the first day I went to hospital to see him. He was admitted on the 20th, about a week ago. He died at the age of 97 years old. He had swollen feet and water in the lungs, if I've got my facts right. This led him to be hospitalised. He could not consume solid food, so he was on drip and liquid food.

When I visited him at 7.15pm, his condition was stable but his blood pressure was very low, lower than 50. His heart beat was about 85 per minute. Which was quite alright. I left the hospital about 7.30pm - 7.45pm.

I did not know anything about measurement, so I did a quick search on Wikipedia. Here's the link:

Here's a brief summary from Wikipedia:

Average blood pressure in (mmHg):

1 year 6 - 9 years adults
95/65100/65110/65 - 140/90

Originally, I was invited to Chingnee (Ruby) birthday's dinner where she was going to treat Christina and myself. Because Christina wasn't feeling well, we told Ching that we won't be attending. Christina was at the ground floor of the hospital while I went up to see the grandfather.

After visiting at Tan Tock Seng Hospital , I went to Novena Square to have dinner with Christina. Halfway through the dinner, I got a text message from my father at 8.35pm saying that the grandfather has passed away at 8.15pm.

The relatives had all visited him. Except for 3rd uncle which was out of country and was making his way back. Grandfather was already in there for almost a week, and the doctor was telling them since morning, that he could pass away any time. When I went there, I felt that the relatives were quite prepared for what was going to happen.

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