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Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 March 2011, Saturday

WeiKurk's Wedding!

He had his solemnisation at Grace 1, Tanglin Road, and I was playing keybaards for his Worship, together with Pastor, Jennhui, Boonheng (I cant really remember who else, because I am finishing this post 5 June 2011).

His dinner was at Oriental Hotel. It was a lovely wedding and many friends from church were there. I also saw Lau and his wife.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sickly Day

11 March 2011 (Friday)

Sick Today!

I woke up this morning at 8.30am to find that I had not recovered. My throbbing headache has become a dull pain in the head. So I decided to go see the doctor. 

Doctor gave me a day off, and diagnosed it as the beginning of flu. I just hope that the rest I give myself today will prevent the flu from breaking out in its full intensity.

On my way to see the doctor, I passed by City Square mall, kitchener road, Verdun road and Jalan Berseh Road. I discovered new places and shops around the neighbourhood that I didn't know were there.

The Motorcycle Trade Association. Never knew such an association existed! :)

Just across the Motor Cycle Trade Association was a modern looking bar

Further down that small street, an old building, residential on top, and shop-houses facing  Jalan Berseh Road in front.

Rowell Clinic viewed from Jalan Berseh Road

Rowell Clinic from the waiting area.

Didn't realise that There were lots of apartments in construction in the direction of KK Hospital and Novena. Taken from the open field beside my block.

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Ok I'm going off to rest. Doctor's orders :)
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Sickness brewing & lift breaking down

10 March 2011 (Thursday)

Today was a struggling day for me. I felt weak and cold at work, at about 11am. From there it went downhill. By 5pm, I was wondering if I could survive the trip home. Christina had project to do at work, so I ate with Janson, Francis, Helga, Bryan, Thom and Jerly. We ate at the basement foodcourt at Fusionopolis until about 8.15pm, then we went home. Thom and Jerly live at Potong Pasir, along the North East Line, so we took the same train. 

I dragged myself home to the bottom of my flat to find that the Lift at my block was faulty. There was already a family of 3 waiting for the lift when I approached. I tried to hit the button to call for a lift, and it did not light up. On a closer inspection, I realised that out of 3 lifts, one had a power failure error, the other one looks like it was going up and stopping at every floor. 

The 3rd lift came, and going up, it stopped at all the even numbered levels. very strange indeed. I messaged Christina to tell her about the lift malfunction, so she wouldn't go up by herself and get trapped inside.

Once home, I slept from 10pm all the way to 8.30am the next morning.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How my screen protector got destroyed

How My Screen Protector Got Destroyed 
(10 March 2011, Wednesday)

Today is the day where I had to rip away my matte screen protector from my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I was standing on the bus on my way to work, at the rear door. I was not holding on to anything, and I was listening to music on my Galaxy Tab through ear-phones. The bus was rounding the bend and suddenly it did a very hard brake. 

The force was all right at first. I could handle it. But the braking force was applied for more than 4 seconds, my balance was thrown off and I knocked into the passenger in front of me. A malay or Indian chap. 

Turned out that the bus had to stop at the last moment, for a fast travelling vehicle going along the main road.

Shortly after I reached work, I realised there was a deep scratch on the surface of my screen protector. I must have held the Galaxy Tab close to the front of my body. That's where my access card was hanging. There was a metal clip where the card joins the lanyard. The screen must have scratched against it when the bus was doing the sudden brake.

YC, sitting beside me, told me to tear the protector off and throw it away. He is a hardcore Android fan, and he has seen the Samsung Galaxy S in all its graphics glory, showing off its sharp display and scratch resistant glass display. He told me it was gorilla-glass (I don't actually know what that means, but I take it to mean "very tough glass"). 

Finally I tore of the matte protector (cost me $19, costlier than average screen protectors because of the 7" display of the Galaxy Tab was larger than most mobile devices). To my pleasant surprise, the display became much more crisp, and vibrant in colour. Without the matte surface, my fingers feel much smoother and more comfortable when sliding across the display. YC has made a good suggestion after all! 

Now that the screen protector has come off, I somehow feel that the screen has become larger. I am still worried about the screen getting scratched, so I might still decide to go get a clear protector after all. Haha. 

That's how stubborn I am!

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