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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sickly Day

11 March 2011 (Friday)

Sick Today!

I woke up this morning at 8.30am to find that I had not recovered. My throbbing headache has become a dull pain in the head. So I decided to go see the doctor. 

Doctor gave me a day off, and diagnosed it as the beginning of flu. I just hope that the rest I give myself today will prevent the flu from breaking out in its full intensity.

On my way to see the doctor, I passed by City Square mall, kitchener road, Verdun road and Jalan Berseh Road. I discovered new places and shops around the neighbourhood that I didn't know were there.

The Motorcycle Trade Association. Never knew such an association existed! :)

Just across the Motor Cycle Trade Association was a modern looking bar

Further down that small street, an old building, residential on top, and shop-houses facing  Jalan Berseh Road in front.

Rowell Clinic viewed from Jalan Berseh Road

Rowell Clinic from the waiting area.

Didn't realise that There were lots of apartments in construction in the direction of KK Hospital and Novena. Taken from the open field beside my block.

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Ok I'm going off to rest. Doctor's orders :)
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