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Thursday, April 07, 2011

I had a honeymoon trip to Hongkong! 

Unfortunately I don't have time to post pictures from that trip. I promise I will post it as soon as I am free. My work is quite hectic right now, so I don't have much time to post pictures. 

But I promise to catch up with the blogging :)

Today I happened to come across a topic about people who put up a front, or present a false image of themselves to others, misleading people around you to think that you are someone you are not.

Some people would tend to become affected when they have put their trust in that person, and would then feel their trust betrayed, when that person does not turn out to be the same person they were led to believe he/she is.

Someone asked me how I would react. It is of course justified to take it personally, especially when you've invest emotions, care, concern for that person who has put up a front. You would feel betrayed, all those genuine emotions and effort you have taken to nurture that friendship.

Here was my reply, in an instant messaging chat session:

Its ok
i won't take it seariously
You know how hard it is to be fake?
you have to PRETEND,
and you have to KEEP IT UP,
and you know that every false front you put forward
you are fighting your own conscience
it is TIRING
to keep it up
if you were fake
i would smile sadly at you in understanding
of the things you put yourself through
for some mysterious reasons
that i am sure you yourself have justified
that these mysterious reasons
are worth
all that trouble
that you take
to put up that front
and try to keep it up
over people's eyes
to make them believe
what you want them to
and knowing that
people who like you or are attracted to you
are for the wrong reasons
-- those exact reasons that you made up
for them to believe
in the fake you
The person is doing himself/herself a disfavour.
I dont need to spend my energy to pile up the hate
or dislike for him/her
If i really did treat the person nice
and the person fooled me as to who he/she is, and turns out to be a fake
Its still ok.
At least I've found out
and i will be thankful that I found out
With that, I will suffer no further damage because I've found out.
I move on.
But the person,
if he/she keeps up his/her fake identity,
he/she gotta keep playing that game
fooling people.
That's detrimental to himself/herself, and to their friends around them.
To each his own.
When I see people do that, I'll  feel tired for them
so i'll sympathise with them more than hate them

This was written from the top of my mind, in a very short span of time, but I think I manage to say something profound. That's why I decided to put it here. :)

Going to sleep now.

Good night all.

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