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Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 2011, Saturday
Life in London - Take Two - Touching Down

Reaching the house, we were pleasantly surprised. 
Front of the house

It was a huge house, with 4 bedrooms on the second floor, and an attic that spans the whole top floor. Each floor has a washroom, with bathtubs on the 2nd and 3rd floor. 

On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, and a washing area extending behind the kitchen. There are 2 other rooms on the ground floor -- a huge carpetted living-room that's empty except for a couch, and another dining room with a dining table and 5 chairs. The dining room extends into a back yard. The backyard is almost as big as the house. There are 2 wooden sheds behind.

Common area at the main entrance

Standing at the staircase landing
Looking up from the staircase landing

Lousy under-exposed photograph cannot adequately convey the excitement expressed by the guys
Two of the bedrooms on the second floor

Francis taking a look at the second floor toilet

Dining area on the ground floor

Same dining area on the ground floor

Kitchen on the ground floor

Washing area housing the heating tank (a side door on the left opens up to the side of the house)

The living room on the ground floor

The couch is the only furniture in the living room

My room on the second floor. Windows overlooks the back yard

YC's room on the second floor. Window overlooks neighbour's house across the road

Francis' room on the second floor. The room is L-shaped -- there is a recessed space on the right where a working table stands

Washroom on the second floor

Mengdi's room on the second floor

Raymond standing at the second floor landing

Looking up into the attic on the third floor
Looking down from the attic's entrance

Toilet on the third floor attic

Half of the third floor attic

A view out of the attic's window

The same view, but I managed to capture a rainbow!

It was almost 7pm, can you believe it??

The exact same view with a lower exposure, check out the rays from the clouds! :)

The street our house is on

While we were still happily engrossed in photo-taking and unpacking, YC had to chase us out of the house because it was almost 7pm (althought it looked like 4pm).

Mailbox by the junction

Yes, it was raining, and while we were risking our DSLR, Francis is happily using his new digital compact camera

YC tying his laces. Doesn't he look hip?

The Streatham common just beside our estate
We wanted to head to Double Negative's office at Shaftesbury, but the ticketing machine at our national rail station had closed, leaving a ticket dispensing machine. That promptly broke down after we tried to operate it (it wasn't a user error, I promise!). We had no tickets to go into central London, so we ended up finding a place to eat at a Chinese restaurant. 

After eating, we went back home to unpack our stuff.

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