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Sunday, July 24, 2011

24 July 2011, Sunday
Life in London - Take Two -Cast and Crew Screening of Captain America: The First Avenger

On Friday, 2 days ago, in a surprising announcement, we were told that there was to be a cast and crew screening of Captain America at the Empire Theatre at Leicester Square. So we got ourselves tickets for 5 of us from Singapore. 

The actual film will be released on 29th July 2011, but we get a cast and crew screening 5 days ahead of time. How awesome is that?? :)

The screening will start at 10am, but they will start letting people in from 8.30am. They said there would be security screening for people who enter the theatre.

YC, Francis and I arrived at Leicester Square at 8.15am. Mengdi left the house later than us. There were a few familiar faces hanging out in front of the Empire. Still too early to admit people, so we went to grab breakfast, at Macdonald's Leicester Square.

My breakfast: Sausage egg mcMuffin meal

The queue

I've gone to cast and crew screenings before, on Hellboy and 10,000 BC. So it wasn't new to me, but I still felt the same excitement. I am sure YC, Francis and Mengdi felt much more excited than me! :)

Everybody was given a pack of popcorns an a bottle of mineral water. We were still early when we entered the cinema. They had asked for us to surrender any device that was capable of recording images and sound. These were put in a zip-lock bag, tagged and a corresponding tag given to us. Just before entering the theatre, there was security with a hand-held metal detector to make sure we did not have electronics on us. After we were seated, we had to wait about 40 mins before the film started.

The show was quite entertaining and the visuals were quite well done. My name was on the credits! :) I was doing a bit of TD work for the film. The thing that surprised me, was the huge number of studios that worked on the film. If I am not wrong, Double Negative was the main vendor for visual effects.

From Facebook, I knew Alvin had gotten himself tickets to the screening as well, so I asked him for lunch after the show. We met up and decided to go Bodeans for lunch. This place was known for ribs, but we decided to go for their Prime Beef Burger.

Thats the Prime Beef Burger

Alvin's hotdog with all-beef sausage

Me and Alvin with a monkey painting behind us
More photos from the same week here: 

Finally, here are some more pictures of me and the movie posters at a tube station. (I think it was Balham tube station)

Helping to hold up the shield ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 July 2011, Thursday
Life in London - Take Two - Going home late

Today's the first time I went home after 10pm. I left work at 10.45pm and rushed to Leicester Square Tube Station to take a Northern Line train to Kennington, and from there I change trains to Balham Tube Station.

From there I go up to Balham National Rail Station. I arrived at the platform at 11.27pm. Not all trains that stop here travel the same route. There are plenty of destinations that the trains go, Sutten, Tattenham Corner, Epsom, etc. Therefore, not all trains stop at Norbury, which is my intended destination.

The train that I was waiting for kept delaying. Before I knew it, many other trains passed, and the time was approaching midnight. I had waiting for 30 minutes without a train. People who waited for a while began to go back down, out of the station. 

So there I was stuck at Balham National Rail Station, fearing that the last train has passed. I explored the possibilities and how I could get home, or at least not get stuck in the middle of nowhere after all the transport has gone.

Norbury was just 2 stops from Balham, but this is the National Rail we're talking about. Distances are quite far compared to 2 tube stations. I could go back where I came from and spend the night at work, or I could try and look for bus stops and explore bus services. Maybe I could even hail a taxi, if they accepted card payment of course (I did not have a lot of cash on me). 

Worst case scenario would be for me to try and walk my way back, but now as I contemplate the distance between the two stops, it meant that I would probably have to walk along some highway or roads that are hardly lit.

So I approached an information kiosk, and spoke into the mic, asking for information on the next train to Norbury station. The man at the other side (yes there were still people working at that hour), he told me there would still be trains to Norbury. All I had to do was wait again. 

Finally the train came and I got up and arrived safely at Balham station. From there I had to walk about 10 minutes to get home. Even at a fast walk, it did take me about 10 minutes to reach. I arrived at home at 12.40pm.

Monday, July 18, 2011

18 July 2011, Monday
Life in London - Take Two - Awesome Invention with Pitta Bread!

Went home after work today, and I don't know what to eat. I looked through my stash. 
My stash at present
I had pita bread in the fridge, some Iceberg lettuce, an egg, a block of cheese and some hotdogs left over in a jar. The pita bread is empty inside, like a pocket. So I decided to stuff the pita bread with lettuce, hotdog. I beat my eggs and pour them into the pita. Then I put them into the oven. The pictures below show the process of cooking it, and eating it ;)
The bread cooking in the oven

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July 2011, Sunday
Life in London - Take Two - I went on Google+

YC signed up for the Google+ preview almost a week ago, and 2 days later, I also signed up for it. A few days ago he got invited by Google and yesterday he invited me to Google+. 

So now I'm officially on Google+ while it is still not publicly released yet! :) So here's my bragging rights ;)
Willy Wong posted this on his Google+ so I snatched it too ;) 

Friday, July 08, 2011

8 July 2011, Monday
Life in London - Take Two - Shopping at Oxford Street

We went for Lunch today, buying food at Yoshino, a Japanese takeaway store that offers a large variety of sushi, and some hot Japanese food as well. I bought a 8-pieces pack of Mackerel Sushi from there.

We then went to St. Anne's Churchyard to consume our lunch.
My mackerel Sushi! Quite filling actually :)
After the food, we went to buy the cheapest coffee we know, from a very authentic Algerian coffee place that mainly deals with coffee beans and makes coffee too!

After work (and carrying my laptop in Raymond's bag), we went for dinner at Oodle Noodles. The food was not too bad, but it was more expensive than the food we always go for weekday lunch and dinner. Francis and Raymond did not find their food amazingly tasty. YC observed that the food was not as well done as it was when he was last in London.
That's me on the phone with my wifey!

Raymond decided to go for a drink with George, while Francis, YC and me took a stroll down Oxford Street. I "helped" Raymond carry his bag home (so I can start setting up my Dell laptop). We went to get a PC game from a store called Game. We bought Hunter: Demon's Forge. It was going for £29.90, but now had a special price of £14.98. We were thinking of selling it to a second-hand game shop after we're done playing.
The sales guy at the Game shop was really nice and chatty. He asked if I had higher than average hardware to play the game. I told him I just got a new laptop so it should not be a problem. He began to sound worried, and asked what kind of specifications my laptop was (because most laptops cannot compare to desktops in terms of processing and graphics processing power). I told him it was a Dell Studio XPS 15, which is a desktop replaecment. He said "Ok I will stop talking now, seems you know what you are doing". :)

I saw the game being assembled right in front of my eyes. The guy took an empty casing with the label, went somehwere else to grab the actual disc, and from elsewhere he grabbed the booklet that should come with the game, and then he closed the box and sealed the box with the special seal that comes with games. When YC and I opened the box at home to inspect the disc, we found that the surface was scratched. We suspected it was a second hand copy. But then again the game came with some one-time activation code for downloadable content, so it might not be second hand after all.
All the while we were in the Game shop, Francis was eager to move on to look for the Disney store. He was talking about the one at Covent Garden. But I remembered that there was one along Oxford Street. So we headed for the Disney store along Oxford Street. 
This toy really has strawberry scent if you push your nose to it :) Just like in the movie!
Life-size Captain Jack Sparrow! :)

After Disney we went to Primark to do some shopping! I bought a "Superman" wallet under the "Off season" section, for £2. I think it used to be £5 or £8.
Took this photo on my bed, when I got home
Yes, yes I know its childish but at £2, who could resist? ;)

I also bought a hoodie for.... £3!! It used to be £7, then it was £5, and now finally it's £3!
No Brighton bear, you can't fit into that hoodie.