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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

6 July 2011, Monday
Life in London - Take Two - Arrival of my New Hard Drive

I ordered a Seagate Hard disk last Friday, and it finally arrived today. It is a 2 TB one. From the picture at, I thought it read portable USB hard drive. The same looked exactly like the 2.5" portable USB hard drives. It cost me £65, excluding transport.

However, it came in a huge box and the weight didn't make you think it was a portable USB powered hard disk. True enough, upon opening the box at home, I realised it was an external  hard drive. The shape is exactly the same as the small one I have, but the size is much bigger, and its heavier too.

The warranty on the box is 2 years. I doubt it is international, so it will not matter to me after I go back to Singapore.
The Seagate 2TB external HDD and the Seagate 320GB pocket HDD 
Big brother and little brother

My 500GB external hard disk is dying. That's why I bought a 2TB drive to replace it before it retires for good. I am still satisfied that I get the extra storage now, and happy that my photos and data would be safe and sound. I can always use the portable Seagate hard drive on the go, and use the external 2TB for non-portable storage and archive.

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