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Thursday, July 07, 2011

7 July 2011, Monday
Life in London - Take Two - Arrival of my Monitor Colour Calibrator

I ordered a Huey Pro display calibrator from Pantone. It arrived today. :) It was selling on Amazon UK for about £60+. There was a pro version and a regular version.

It arrived in a bubble wrap package. This is my second visit to the runners office two days in a  row. (Yesterday was hard disk collection).

After work I went home and unwrapped the package. Only after I opened it pack and read the front of the box, I realise that the regular version was only for CRT displays, and the Pro version can be applied on LCD displays as well. :)

I used it on YC's laptop, and my own Asus netbook. It works very well.There's a continual ambient light monitoring mode, where you leave the colourmeter beside your display, so it reads samples the ambient light, and adjusts your display so the colours stay the same even when the environmental lighting changes. You can also configure how often the colourmeter samples the environment light.

The cheapest that you can get for a similar monitor calibrator back in Singapore would cost at least $300+, and I know Spyder and Spyder2 and Spyder3 Pro from DataColor would be in the range of SG$300-SG$500+. I am very happy with the Huey Pro because it gets the job done. :)

I have been transferring all my files from the dying 500GB harddisk to the new 2TB Seagate drive. Most of the files have been transferred, except for a good chunk of my video tutorial files. I'll keep it going tonight. I hope the 500GB doesn't die before the night is over.

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