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Friday, August 05, 2011

Christianity and Fengshui

For some reason I went to search the internet on apologetics. I came across topics of apologetics regarding cults, superstition, theories. 

This led me to think about Fengshui. I searched for "Christian and Fengshui" on Google, and here's a site I stumbled upon:

It gives a very detailed overview of Feng-shui, the origins and how it became widespread in the present day. Then it goes on to give a reason why the fundamental belief system that Fengshui is based on, is opposed to the biblical principles of God in the Bible. 

It is definitely a good read for people who want to find out whether Fengshui, as it is very widely believed, to be part of the chinese culture, a science, a practical set of guidelines for harmonious living, tradition or something else. It is also a good place to read it from a Christian context.

I remember thinking about this because I was reminded about a conversation I had with a few of my fellow Singaporeans who came over to London on this working trip with me. 

It looked like things were not going very well with me. Being genuinely helpful in their own way, they suggested many things I could do to "change my fortune", or "alter the course of my luck". Suggestions like "Don't continue to wear the dark-coloured clothings all the time, change to something bright and auspicious", or "re-arrange your furniture", etc.

They seem to think of bad aura or bad luck, are real forces, and doing things to change the outcome of circumstances with these tips are tried-and-tested to work. One of them is a Catholic. I asked to confirm if he was Catholic. He gave me a ridiculous look and said, "This whole thing about Fengshui, aura and luck is a totally different and separate. It has nothing to do with whether you are Christian or Catholic". He said it as if it was the simplest truth that even a child would know. I think he means that practising Fengshui and observing the principles of luck and practices to bring good fortune to oneself, is not a religion, and thus, not mutually exclusive to any existing religious beliefs that a person already holds.

Now I am not a Catholic (but my wife was, my parents-in-law still are). I cannot say I understand the Catholic teaching, however similar or different from Christianity it is. If they base their faith on the Bible, which is the Word of God, it should be opposed to luck, auras and Fengshui as well. I really pray that this person can get to understand the truth about the concepts of "luck", "good fortune" and the religion that he holds. 

Like many other practices we Singaporeans get involved in, many people (and Christians) attribute them to being part of tradition and culture, and are reluctant to stop practising them, even if they go against the principles of the word of God.

In the case of my friends genuinely trying to give good advice for my situation, I get the general idea of what they were saying. I think they mean that the way things were turning out unfavourably for me, was due to how I operate. Hence the logic of, if you keep using the same formula, you will keep getting the same result. That I can agree with. I believe that a more practical approach was to examine myself and see if there are things I can change about myself, to bring about a more positive result to my work and my life. 

Of course the most practical thing to do for Christians, but we always use it last, is to submit our anxiety to God, and give up our burdens to Him, in exchange for the peace in knowing that He guides our paths, and He is in control, at any point in our lives.

Dear Lord please help me be still and know that you are God. Quiet my anxious heart and raise my eyes to You. Remind me that You work all things for the good of those who love and obey You. Help me see through the eyes of faith, and see how You look at circumstances. Let me be satisfied in Your presence alone. Amen.