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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Meaning of "Sekali" and the Singlish Language

Today I happened to think of the word 'sekali', and wanted to look it up on Google. ;)

It's a malay word, but its crept into the Singlish vocabulary. I do not know if it's used in Singlish the same way its used in Malay. So I decided to find out.

So my search led me to Wikipedia's article about the Singlish language:

The word is pronounced as scar-ly, and I believe a lot of Singaporeans (especially non-Malays) wouldn't know its correct spelling.

The way 'sekali' is used in Singlish is to give the same meaning as: Lest, what if. Eg, "Sekali he dunno what to do then press the wrong button."