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Saturday, September 24, 2011

24 September 2011, Saturday
Life in London - Take Two - The Day I Was Truly Blessed

Today I woke up at 12pm and went to work. Had a shot that I need to get out by Monday. Reached work at 1.30pm. Mengdi and Francis were at work. Francis said he went to St Paul's Cathedral and so just dropped by back at work to "fool around". I think he was reading up and trying to familiarise himself with lighting pipeline, getting ready to move onto his new show.

At the end of the work day, 8.30pm I still had not finished the shot, but I did leave a good deal of simulation jobs for the farm. Tomorrow I'm going to have to go back and check on the results.

I had dinner with Skeel Lee and Alvin Yap. We went to a Spanish restaurant called Andalucia just behind Leicester Square.

As we were walking back to Oxford Cirus tube station, something very fortunate happened to me. I did not realise it but somehow it must have rained while we were having our dinner. Because of that, the roads were wet and there were puddles of water. 

We were walking along Oxford road, and there was this guy walking in the opposite direction, him closer to the road, and myself on the inner side. He walked very close to me when he passed, and just when he passed me, I felt him push back in my direction. It happened quite fast, I thought he misjudged the distance between him and myself, or lost his balance. Then I heard "ooh!" from other passers-by behind me. Skeel and Alvin were looking at me in disbelief. 

It was at this point when I felt a bit of wetness at the tip of my hoodie and at my heels. What had happened was that a passing vehicle drove by at a considerable speed and splashed a huge wave of water in my direction. At that point in time at the precise moment, the guy got caught between me and the splash, and of the water had hit him full-on, instead of me.

Skeel told me that guy had unknowingly took the splash for me, right at the critical moment, at the precise position. It seemed like an accident, but it was such perfect timing, that it is hard to think it was just a coincidence. Of course I would sound stupid if I said the guy meant to shield me.

Now as I write I am somehow lead to be reminded of the cross where Christ Himself paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, and died for us, so we do not pay and suffer the wages of sin (romans6:23), but have eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

In my case, I did not even realised that I needed the protection until after it happened. This is the same for many of us. We do not realise that we ourselves are in sin, thus we do not see the need to be rescued. But God so loved the world, that even when we do not yet know His goodness, He reached out to us first, and give up his Son for our salvation. We need God's forgiveness and redemption because we cannot be righteous by our own strength. It is like trying to clean an oily pot with greasy rags. We will never get the job done. 

Personally I am going through some uncertainty, thinking about my job, my giftings and how these things will play out in my future, career and otherwise. Some things have happened that made it look like other people are getting undeserved favour while I am left behind. It just happened that I was talking to Christina about this, hours before this incident.

I think God uses things like that to make us think about how He is in control, and He sends help in His own time, and that He has a plan for every one of us, if we trust Him  with submission, and let him carry out His perfect plan.

Friday, September 09, 2011


3D-coat is an application that works on the principle of voxel-sculpting. It can take your model from the first bit of digital clay up to the textured, sculpted state that is ready for production. In other words you can create your model, sculpt, displace, and re-topo, create UVs, texture and even render your model, all in the one single application.

It is interoperable with Adobe Photoshop, preserving layer information on textures and transparency. It runs on all popular OS platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOs). It allows you to reorganise the topography of your sculpts, and even supports Disney's Ptex system. It also supports rendering with multiple lights (including area lights / ambient occlusion) right in the application.

There are professional node-locked and floating licences available, Non-commercial licenses, educational licenses as well as non-professional (hobbyists, elderly, unemployed) licenses.

There is also a friendly community and a good pool or learning resources on the website.

I'll definitely keep an eye out on the development of this product.

Interestingly enough the creators of this product has really strong Christian beliefs and principles. It is really encouraging to see Christian professionals successful where they are in their fields, and at the same time professing their beliefs in Christ.

Here's the write-up of the creator of the software:
09 September 2011, Friday
Life in London - Take Two - Self-amusing statement

I sent an internal message to the Singaporean guys: "Guys, I have a lunch appointment today, so I have to dis-appoint you by not being able to join you for lunch today".

You can call it lame but I thought it was quite witty ;)

As I expected, nobody caught it. YC said intellectual jokes are not funny. Stupid jokes are. Hahaha... What can I say?