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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Limescale in The Kettle?

Since coming back to Dneg's Singapore office, I've started making my own coffee, just like in London. I guess its a good habit I've picked up because it forces me to stand up, walk around and maybe talk to people in the pantry. Also, it would save me some money buying drinks from the food court downstairs.

I was with Janson at the pantry today and I was checking on the water in the electric kettle. Everything was so familiar, similar to how I made coffee in Dneg London, that when I opened up the lid of the kettle to check how much water was inside, I expected to see lime-scale coating the inside of the kettle. :)

It's a small thing but this is the first time I am aware of myself remembering London. After all, I did spend the last 6 months of my life there. I do still think of the colleagues over there and when I watch the work done by the London office I am naturally reminded of the time spent there.

Before this, I was quite surprised why I was not reminded of London in any way. I did not think about it much, and I did not remember dreaming about it. I don't dislike the place at all. That is why I am puzzled why I don't find myself thinking of London.

Come to think of it, I was actually watching the company's demo reel for one of the upcoming films before I went into the pantry. That could be the reason for me expecting to see lime-scale along the inner walls of the kettle.