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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The New Circle Line, and My Way Home

I was working late last night. When I went home it was already 10.20pm.

The opening of One North MRT station has provided many of us tremendous convenience in terms of travelling to and from work.

This is due to the fact that one of the exits of the One North MRT station links directly to the basement of Fusionopolis. That's the building where Dneg Singapore lives, and that's where I work.

Before the opening of the One North Station, I used to take the North East Line from Farrer Park Station to Outram Park Station. From there I change to the East-West Line and take the train to Buona Vista Station, where I'll have to exit, cross the road and then take a bus to Fusionopolis. The bus comes once every 12-15 minutes. This was a huge inconvenience for people working here.

Amazingly, the operation of One North MRT station has opened up 3 routes by which I can now go to work by.

Out of the 3 routes, I have unknowingly favoured one route over the others. A few days ago my wife discovered a route I have never considered before. That aroused my curiosity, made me want to find out which route is the shortest and which one the longest.

As I was going into the station last night I made an effort to download the SMRT network map find out just how many stations each of the routes needed to take me to my destination.

Here are the routes,  in descending order of numbers-of-stations:
Route 3: from Farrer Park station take the North-East line to Serangoon Station (4 stops), switch to the Circle Line and travel via Bishan and Holland Village stations to One-North Station (9 stops). Total of 13 stops. This is the route I tend to take without thinking.

Route 2: from the Farrer Park Station take the North-East Line to Harbourfront Station (the last station on the line). (That's 6 stops). From there change lines to the Circle Line and then travel via Labrador Park and Kent Ridge Stations to One North Station (6 more stops). Its a total of 12 stops.

Route 1: from Farrer Park Station take the North East Line to Outram Park Station (5 stops), get onto the East-West Line, travel via Tiong Bahru Station to Buona Vista Station (5 more stops), then switch lines again to the Circle Line, and finally take the Circle Line to One North Station (1 stop). This winning route totals 11 stops. However it is also the route with the most number of line-changes.

It is interesting to note that the  difference between the number of stations is only 1 station from one option to the next. I believe that route 3 with the most number of stops also has the longest distance between the stops. I feel the Labrador Park and Kent Ridge part of the journey from Route 2 also has longer distances between the Circle Line Stations.

Therefore, Route 1 which has the least number of stations would also probably have the shortest distance between stations overall. I will have to measure the distances with Google Maps when I have more time.

As I am writing this, I am on the way to work. Without realising it I've just found myself on Route 3 with the most number of stops, approaching Woodleigh Station. The other shorter routes involve going in the opposite direction down to Outram Park and Harbourfront Stations, so its too late to go back now. Oh well... ;)

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