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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving My Workspace

I've finally decided to move my workspace from a make-shift ironing board (yes you heard right!), to a proper desk, where I used to work before I went to London in 2011, when my desktop computer was still working.

So here is a comparison.


The move was in response to my wife urging me to get my stuff off her ironing board. (I was using it since early December, so that makes 2 months). Each time she needed to use the ironing board, I would have to shut down the externally powered hard-disk and my laptop, disconnect my cables, take away everything from the board. Then I would move the board out from against the wall, plug in the iron to the wall socket for her, so she can use it.

Johnson's getting married in 2 weeks time and Peter (Jamie's husband) and I are supposed to play for worship. With 2 instruments, it probably isn't going to be the most immersive worship (technically speaking, not spiritually speaking, if you know what I mean). So I was thinking of blessing him with the back-up of a full band. ie, working overtime like crazy and churning out about 3-4 worship songs.

The things that can go wrong, ranking according to the seriousness of consequential extent, are:
1) they (the couple) decide to change the song, after I am halfway into the sequencing
2) they decide to change the sequence to the song (we want 2 choruses at the end instead of 1)
3) they decide to change the key to the song (techincally this can be quickly fixed by an unelegant
 transpose to the notes)

I will go by faith and hope it works out!