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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Make Magazine Website

Dominic Drane my co-worker introduced me to this website. This is the home to the magazine with the same name: Make:.

This is a very geeky magazine talking about creating your own gadgets. This can be as simple as inventions made from every-day parts found at home, to very elaborate and high-tech robotics made from programmable micro-controllers connected to a myriad of sensors.

There are different sections like the magazine sections with articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, a forum, a community projects (see the next section), and their very own store called the Maker Shed.

At the Maker Shed, they sell everything from micro controllers, craft supplies, construction kits, robotics parts, wearables, to of course, books and magazines.

This is an excellent section where the magazine hosts a huge library of user-initiated projects, documenting, instructing, updating, refining, and sharing what they've learnt from their own personal projects. It is truly putting people's brains together, and making things better. There are projects that make things that has no apparent use at this point, and there are projects that create ingenious things that simplifies our daily activities.

All in all, this website is really a paradise for inventors wannabe, product designers, creative tech geeks, people who love hands-on crafts, and those who want be inspired by the creativity of the modern human race!

This website is definitely worth checking out!