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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mistaken for being the Staff at Shops

Today after dinner with Christina at a corner Chinese coffee shop around Mustafa Centre, we went to City Square Mall to stroll around.

There was the Great Singapore Sale going on, and lots of shops were participating in the annual sale season. Cotton-On had this 2 guys' t-shirts for $20. The material was quite thin, but it was enough for me.

The t-shirts were laid out just in front of the shop, together with guys bermudas. So I was choosing, trying it out and then folding the t-shirts back. I was actually wearing another of Cotton-On's t-shirts, and a pair of bermudas myself. At that point, a man in working shirt and pants was also browsing the section.

He turned to ask me "Are these guys shorts?". I turned to him and said, "I dont know actually, but since they are put together with guys' t-shirts I suppose they are for guys." He gave me a strange look, which I understood it as him still wondering if they were guy's bermudas.

5 seconds later it danwed on me that he might have mistook me for the staff there. I was wearing something that looked like what the staff would wear, and I had my lanyard hanging from my neck from my workplace, and finally, I was folding back a few t-shirts. He probably did not see me place them on myself for size. He must also have missed the fact that I was wearing slippers so I couldnt have been a staff.

I wanted to clarify that I wasnt actually the staff, but I ended up not saying anything. Then he slowly strolled off to another section. Haha...

I would not know how Cotton On management would react if this man had gone and complain about "one of their staff" giving bad service and not knowing their products. ;)

Brings me to remember the days when I was still signed on in Film Unit. We had a black unit t-shirt (it was a polo t-shirt). Mr Soh and I were at Carrefour Suntec. We were dressed in that black polo t-shirt and back pants (that was the unit dress-code).

We were standing at the furniture section by a row of shelves and having a discussion, just the two of us. There came this mother holding her daughter's hand, going out of her way to come and ask us, where the coffee tables section was. It was quite amusing :)

This was between the year 2002 and 2004. Gosh, that's 8 years ago!


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