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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Most Expensive Bubble Tea Yet

Christina and I went to Bugis Junction today after lunch and we decided to have bubble tea. Christina had a hot honey red-tea, which cost $2.4. 

I decided to be adventurous and ordered, Hand-made Taro Milk tea.  It was only after I placed my order, that I realised that it cost $5.20 for the small sized drink. The large one cost $6.30. 

This is the most expensive bubble tea I have had to date. 

At a sweetness level of 20%, I could not really taste the milk, or the tea. There are taro bits for you to chew on as you drink, but I could not smell the fragrance of the taro, milk or tea. I just felt I was drinking bland generic syrup.

So if you are tempted to try it, and $5.20 is too steep a price for you, think twice before you make your order! 


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