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Monday, September 10, 2012

First Dinner Made by Wife

Tonight my wife made the first full meal all by herself, and she managed to do it with only the bare minimum of assistance from me.

Dinner consisted of 1 green leafy vegetable dish, and a fish, together with pre-marinated chicken wings, all that with brown rice. Rice was not very well cooked on the first try, so we had to wait another 15 minutes for it to be cooked.

Wifey diced the garlic, to fry the vegetables with (and later on the fish), and sliced ginger to steam the fish with. Later she thawed the chicken wings and fry them on a pan.

We've not been frequently cooking our meals mainly because of our work timings. Sometimes it is very hard to cook just for 2 persons since the supermarket sell a lot of stuff that are servings of 4 or more people. However recently my wife has been wanting to cook her own meals. I also realise it builds her confidence in the kitchen. This meal is a huge success!

Well done, and thank you dearest!


  1. Nice post, reminded of time when my wife did the same, very pleasant memories. Thanks once again.

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