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Monday, March 18, 2013

FFI Review 20130318

After being certified PES A for around 15 years, today I had my second FFI (Fit For Infantry) review at the SAFTI medical centre. I had my blood taken around a week ago.

Today they took my ECG (electrocardiogram) test, eyesight test, blood pressure test, etc. During the review, the doctor gave some stunning news.

First off, I have very high cholesterol ratings. Out of an average person's 3.7, I scored 4.8. The medical officer was even thinking of getting me started on cholesterol medication if I don't show improvement in a few months. I guess its time for more disciplined work-outs.

 Second thing that is of concern, my ECG is showing a 5 regular beats and then a muted bump followed by another 5 regular beats. The MO cannot put down anything conclusive yet, but he has recommended me to the heart centre to find out the nature of the problem.

This is how it looks like. A regularly occuring anomaly.