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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Mom gone for Endogram

Mom called me up yesterday. She told me she's going for Endogram today. I took leave from work to be with her.

She's been having chest pains and always finding herself takingdeep breaths. Therefore the doctor is sending her for an Endogram procedure.

She's in the operating theatre now and I'm checking out what the Endogram procedure is. So here's a site I found.

In 2010 she's been through an Endogram and had had a stent placed in two of her arteries. Back then my sister, my wife (girlfriend back then), and my mother in law were all there. Today its just me.

I prayed with her before she went in.

She's just came out as I am writing this. It's been less than 30 minutes. Looks like the last stent operation was so successful, it is still working very well. So there's now no need to do another stent (aka balloon procedure).

Praise the Lord!


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