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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mom Injured Her Joints

Today on my way to work my mom called me wanted me to go help her out.

Apparently she has injured her leg while alighting from the bus. She was totally incapable of walking. Having set by the bus stop for some time she got help from 3 ladies passing by from their morning exercises.

Being really helpful people, they helped my mom to the nearest Chinese clinic, where she got medical help.

The Chinese doctor diagnosed that my mom has dislocated her meniscus. The nurse at the counter was kind enough to tell me the English medical name.

So here's a link I found after a quick search. On the term.

Having realigned the displaced part, the doctor saw no signs of bone fracture, and did not advise an X-Ray. Instead they lent her a pair of crutches till she can walk properly again.

Medical cost came up to $70.

Once she was back home, my mom claimed that she didn't need any further help, so I was dismissed.

I am just glad there were no complications or anything worse.

Due to the fact that it took 2 ladies to carry her to the Chinese clinic my mom even asked if Christina was free to take leave from work. So it made me worried.

Good thing I waited to assess the situation first before calling on Christina to help me.

At first it sounded really serious when she related it to me. That's because mom already has leg problems. I was really worried this would complicate her condition. What if she was going to be immobile for a week? But now it looks like her joint will recover naturally.

Praise God!