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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Silence Sleeper / Snore Stopper Review

The "Silence Sleeper" is a gadget on offer at Groupon calls it "Snore Stopper" bracelet, while the image shown says "Silence Sleeper".
It promises to help with snoring problems, stop the snoring person from snoring. It says the original price was SG$97, and now on sale at SG$28. There was no other description or tech specs. My wife bought it hoping it would improve my sleep and loud snoring.

So after collecting this we opened it and realise it was a China developed technology (Guangdong, China, actually). You can actually tell it is not from an English country from the grammatically incorrect product name.
The silver round outlet between the 2 rectangular paddings applies an electric pulse to the wearer's skin, thereby stopping the snoring momentarily
The product is a cheap plastic wrist device that detects snore sounds by filtering out ambient noises. After 3 snores, it sends out an electric pulse to your wrist (the user can adjust the intensity).

The instruction booklet has horrendous English translations. Being bi-lingual in Chinese and English, I had to read between the 2 translations to finally get a big picture of what the product was about, and roughly how to use it.

Basically it is applying electricity to your skin enough to irritate you to shift your body in your sleep, changing your position in bed, thus 'eliminating' the snoring. It does "stop the snorer from snoring", but in effect it is also breaking up the wearer's sleep, degrading the sleep quality of the snorer. 

Imagine after the first jolt the sleeper turns in bed, goes back to sleep and begins to snore after 30 seconds. As expected, the jolt would come again and disturb the person's sleep again. This would continue the whole night, preventing the wearer from entering a deep sleep.

After using it for one night, I stopped using it altogether. I don't think the product is even worth $30. Imagine paying $90 for it and then realising how cheap and badly constructed it is.

This is definitely not an elegant solution to snoring. We bought it thinking it may work on some principles of magnetism affecting the body or blood circulation or some such. But we were all wrong.

In a warped sort of way, some people may actually like the product because it 'transfers' the sleeplessness from the snorer's partner to the snorer himself. However, I feel that the consumer should be well informed of how the product operates and decides for himself before buying. The lack of information on the product definitely does not help.

Product quality is very cheap, and the design is bad. Battery compartment needs a tiny screw to keep it closed. Why did they not implement a simple catch system?  There is no on/off switch, so you have to remove the battery after every night's use, else the product will stay on and continue to monitor the surrounding sounds for snoring, and thus battery will continue to be drained.

So imagine every morning after the user wakes up, he has to use a tiny screw driver to remove the screw that keeps the battery compartment shut, remove the battery, before going on with his daily activities. This is simply not good design.

Also, the product is too big and clumsy. With the kind of price range it is selling at, I feel it can be much more attractive in design with more functionality. For example, it could do with a simple LCD or LED display that tells the time (since it's shaped like a watch). It could also use this timing information to activate/deactivate the snore-stopping routine, thus doing away with the laughably primitive need to remove the battery after every use. With the display, it could also come with some statistics, like a counter that keeps track of the number of times a pulse is discharged, and thus how many rounds of snoring it's stopped. Maybe thus it would be useful as a feedback mechanism to the snorer to indicate if the snoring has decreased over time.

After searching for the product on internet, I could find only two places with infomation for this product. One is mentioned above. The other one is

On, it's described as "European popular wrist style". does not list prices on its product pages until you sign up with them and send an email with the quantity required before they will give you a quote. I understand the concept of variable discount based on quantity purchased, however I would also like to know the unit cost before any discount, before I can decide whether to buy. To me all this is quite dodgy.

Check out the glaring typo error. Snoer Stopper. And yes it even comes with the tiny screw driver for you to remove the tiny screw that holds the battery compartment close.

Thus concludes my review on the product. I hope it has helped you with your decision to purchase. In the end, you have to decide if it is suitable for you or not. If there are no discounts attached to this, I strongly advise against paying SG$97 for it. To me it is probably worth about $15 (and I am sure this is still way above the production cost).


  1. Wow! I saw this on Groupon too but it definitely sounded too good to be true - so I decided to check out some reviews. Thanks for such a thorough description of how crappy it is! Ha..

  2. Same here. I saw it and I was interested too... That is until I saw your review.

    I would have considered trying it but not at the expense of preventing me from getting into Deep Sleep.

    Thanks for taking your time and writing this well written and detailed review!!!

  3. Thank you for the reviews very helpful to help me decide

  4. V much appreciated your detailed write-up. Else would hv spent RM69 for this. Thanks again.

  5. I wanted to get one for my dad. However, after reading your review I decided not to, not only because of the screw/battery thing which I certainly didn't like, but because of the electric pulse which I don't feel quite comfortable about specially considering my dad's age.

    Thank you so much for your effort and for taking the time to write your review. It certainly helped!

    I hope you solved your snoring issue, or should I say snoering issue :)

  6. Thanks for the info. Certainly helped me decide not to buy it. Starting to not appreciate groupon and the shady business that sell thru this medium.
    "Let the buyer beware"
    Thanks Patrick!
    A resident in Dubai

  7. thanks for the info, I was about to buy on a groupon offer! lucky I did my research.

  8. Do you want to try something else to stop snoring?
    Singapore product. No zapping, no elcetricity, easy to use.

    1. What is it? Please give more details.

    2. Thanks for the review as i almost click on the purcase button! luckily i decided to see some review 1st before i go for it.

  9. Echo previous readers' sentiments- thanks for the detailed review and heads up!

  10. Hi All,

    Pls check out the site. It seems to be ongoing over the media and more than 80 people has purchase it from this site. you are inform. Beware of china products.

  11. Hi All,

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  12. Ar....what do you think this product will do?
    Snoring normally occur due to the soft tissue around our throat area. You could consider surgeries or injection to remove or tighten these tissue to solve your problem but most often time it is too risky or costly.
    Personally I believe for the snorer to lose some sleep in order for all the people around to have better sleep quality isn't that much to ask for. Believe me I know, I'm a snorer too.
    I am not endorsing for this product but if the build quality or the functionality of the device is enhanced, it might as well be a reasonable solution for the snoring situation.
    Just my opinion.

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  41. Thanks for the info, I almost buy this product. Lucky I did my research and found your review. Thanks a lot dude..

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  46. i just bought this at RM59.. should've done my research first. huhu.

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