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Friday, July 08, 2011

8 July 2011, Monday
Life in London - Take Two - Shopping at Oxford Street

We went for Lunch today, buying food at Yoshino, a Japanese takeaway store that offers a large variety of sushi, and some hot Japanese food as well. I bought a 8-pieces pack of Mackerel Sushi from there.

We then went to St. Anne's Churchyard to consume our lunch.
My mackerel Sushi! Quite filling actually :)
After the food, we went to buy the cheapest coffee we know, from a very authentic Algerian coffee place that mainly deals with coffee beans and makes coffee too!

After work (and carrying my laptop in Raymond's bag), we went for dinner at Oodle Noodles. The food was not too bad, but it was more expensive than the food we always go for weekday lunch and dinner. Francis and Raymond did not find their food amazingly tasty. YC observed that the food was not as well done as it was when he was last in London.
That's me on the phone with my wifey!

Raymond decided to go for a drink with George, while Francis, YC and me took a stroll down Oxford Street. I "helped" Raymond carry his bag home (so I can start setting up my Dell laptop). We went to get a PC game from a store called Game. We bought Hunter: Demon's Forge. It was going for £29.90, but now had a special price of £14.98. We were thinking of selling it to a second-hand game shop after we're done playing.
The sales guy at the Game shop was really nice and chatty. He asked if I had higher than average hardware to play the game. I told him I just got a new laptop so it should not be a problem. He began to sound worried, and asked what kind of specifications my laptop was (because most laptops cannot compare to desktops in terms of processing and graphics processing power). I told him it was a Dell Studio XPS 15, which is a desktop replaecment. He said "Ok I will stop talking now, seems you know what you are doing". :)

I saw the game being assembled right in front of my eyes. The guy took an empty casing with the label, went somehwere else to grab the actual disc, and from elsewhere he grabbed the booklet that should come with the game, and then he closed the box and sealed the box with the special seal that comes with games. When YC and I opened the box at home to inspect the disc, we found that the surface was scratched. We suspected it was a second hand copy. But then again the game came with some one-time activation code for downloadable content, so it might not be second hand after all.
All the while we were in the Game shop, Francis was eager to move on to look for the Disney store. He was talking about the one at Covent Garden. But I remembered that there was one along Oxford Street. So we headed for the Disney store along Oxford Street. 
This toy really has strawberry scent if you push your nose to it :) Just like in the movie!
Life-size Captain Jack Sparrow! :)

After Disney we went to Primark to do some shopping! I bought a "Superman" wallet under the "Off season" section, for £2. I think it used to be £5 or £8.
Took this photo on my bed, when I got home
Yes, yes I know its childish but at £2, who could resist? ;)

I also bought a hoodie for.... £3!! It used to be £7, then it was £5, and now finally it's £3!
No Brighton bear, you can't fit into that hoodie.